Sunday, June 30, 2013

SquareHue in June: The SoBe Collection

Hey there glittery polish lovers! Better late than never right? It's still June, so this counts :p I finally made my way to my SquareHue box with the colors Lincoln Road (grey), Ocean Drive (turquoise blue), and Collins Avenue (shimmery orange). 

To start my mani off, I did a base of 2 coats of Ocean Drive. No glitter, but I love it! I don't have a blue like this, and it's so pretty! It's a nice light turquoise blue. Lovely. The formula on this was also SO MUCH BETTER than what I experienced with the April and May boxes. Good job SquareHue!

I forgot to take pictures of my process, but here's how it went. I painted a diagonal line of Collins Ave with a nail art brush and painted the same polish under it. Then I did another diagonal line of Lincoln Road and painted the same polish under that. Then I topped the look with China Glaze Golden Enchantment for some holo sparkle!

Here's the finished product! Now the reason I did it with a brush instead of tape is because the wait/dry time with tape would have been horrible. With a brush, I just made sure to put some Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops on the polish to ensure no dragging! I love this mani! Have you ever tried color blocking?

Want to try SquareHue? Right now you can get your 1st Box for $14.99! Goooo!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Try the Untrieds: Julep America vs. Pure Ice Freedom

Afternoon all! Well you knew it was coming. It's Tuesday! Time to Try the Untrieds! Now I love being patriotic. Red, white, and blue! I'd had Julep America forever and one day in Walmart saw Pure Ice Freedom thinking, "That looks like a dupe. Man I should do a post!" So I bought it! On to the pictures!

I used 2 coats of Julep Kate as a base. The white looked shimmery in the bottle, but not so much on the nail. Then I alternated Freedom and America (great names!) on my nails. Hrmmm. Which is which guys? Can you tell?

Can you tell the difference with flash? Noooo? Well I put one thick coat of Pure Ice Freedom on my pointer and ring finger while I used a awkward dabbing/wiping method to put on Julep America on my middle and pinky finger. America had a screwed up brush. Gah. Hopefully I get a replacement!

Can you tell how they're different? For one, America has some silver glitter while Freedom does not. Freedom also has bigger blue hexes in a slightly different shade of blue along with some red hexes that America lacks. It was also WAY easier to get the stars out in Freedom. Both were thick, but I like the sparser glitter look of America....

In the end, I pick Pure Ice Freedom as the winner in this dupe war. While it's a thicker glitter look and lacks the silver glitter, it's cheaper at only $1.99 for 0.5oz compared to Julep America's $14 for 0.27oz.  Freedom has no wonky brush, an abundance of stars, and it's going to last me longer. Sorry Julep America, but today just isn't your day! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My First Ipsy: June 'Wild' Glam Bag!

Hello my glitter loving readers! Today I have something new to me to share with you: my first Ipsy glam bag! For $10 a month you get a reusable cosmetics bag with 4-6 cosmetics inside that are sometimes worth between $30-40! You even get coupon codes for the brands that month!  It's a great deal! Here's what I got in my bag this month:

The theme was 'Wild' and I loved this theme!  I mean come on, look at all that goodness! And there's a glitter pallet. Yesssssssss

Here's a swatch of the J Cat Sparkling Cream Palette in Volta. I really like the gold glitter and the 2nd glitter. Looks like blue and black!  I have not tried the J Cat eyelashes though. I hate stuff on my lashes, including mascara, but they look nice enough. There's made with 100% human hair and come with their own glue.

Here are swatches of all 5 colors in the Nyx Mosaic Powder I got in Dare. The last color is hard to see, so I'm guessing I may just mix them all together to use on my face! I like the shimmer in the colors though. You should've guessed that lol

Here is a swatch of the eye liner and lip liner. I got the Cailyn gel eyeliner in Iron. The brush was soft, but I needed to do 2 swipes over the gel for that amount of color. I really like the Starlooks lip liner I got in Tickle me Pink! I wore it as a lipstick to work, and it looked great! Lasted me 4 hours. Nice! 

All in all, this is great! You get about $40 worth of products this month for $10 and free shipping? Want to become an Ipsy bag subscriber? Follow my link here:

Friday, June 14, 2013

China Glaze Swatch Spam: Fast Track, Smoke and Ashes, and Make a Spectacle

Evening all! Been a while, hasn't it? With work and being sick, my poor nails and readers have been neglected. So tonight I have some China Glaze swatches for you!

Ah China Glaze Fast Track from the Hunger Games Collection. 2 coats. It's a lighter taupe base in person with, as you can see, tons of golden microshimmer. I love the glitter, but it's just not my color. Formula was great though!

Next is 1 coat (yes 1!) of Smoke and Ashes, one I have long been searching for from the Hunger Games Collection. It's a very very dark blackened base with blue/green microshimmer duochromeness. It was so hard to capture! I love it though :)

Last up is the glitter topper, Make a Spectacle, in 1 thick coat. I LOVE THIS COMBO. I threw it in this post just cause it looks amazing over Smoke and Ashes! The hex glitter in this is....multipurpose? It looks different in the bottle and catches the light differently on the nail depending on the base. And there's some shimmer! Ooooo! That's enough glitteriness for now! :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Try the Untrieds: Funky Fingers Jawbreaker!

Evening all! Time for another installment of Try the Untrieds Tuesday! Today I don't have a swatchathon, but one singular polish for show. It reminds me a lot of a Pretty N Polished polish, an bears the same name! Check it out! Funky Fingers Jawbreaker!

So here is 3 coats of Jawbreaker. It's a white crelly base loaded with multicolored hex and dot glitter. There is only 1 coat of Seche Vite on top, and it probably could have used another. Look at all that glitter! It seems to have more glitter than the P&P version.

While pretty, this applied like a b****. It was very thick, whether from the glitter or the fact that it was cheap $2 polish from 5 Below. I find what works best is 2 extremely thing coats, then 1 thick one. And the bottles are hard to hold, so I held it sideways XD While a pain, it was still pretty, and for the price, I'll keep it! What's on your nails this Tuesday ladies???