Friday, July 26, 2013

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side...

Evening all! I know I promised full out holo polish awesomeness, so let's start with another lovely polish from Samantha from the Polished Mafia! See a swatch of Big Earner HERE.

Here we have 2 coats of The Grass is Always Greener with Seche Vite top coat. The linear holo is a bit more subdued than Big Earner, but it's still gorgeous! This is a light springy green with holo sparkle to boot! You get more linear holo in sunlight or flash.

There's the holo! Only issue I had was the thickness of the polish. A few bubbles on 2 nails on my  other hand, but I feel that was more user error if it only occurred on 2 nails. And it is thick, so just be sure to give it time to dry to prevent balding and dragging!

Then we have 2 coats of the newly reformulated HITS Dionisio. They are now 3-free and do not smell awful! See my post on the original from my early blogging days HERE

Ahhhhhh. Supreme holo goodness. The grape purple plus the rainbow holo is a must! I gave my old one away but am so glad to have this back in my life! It's as holoy as an Ozotic in the sun! So that is that. The holo isn't dulled with top coat, and it's lasted 4 days so far! Woo! What holos do you like?

Get the Polished Mafia here:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ipsy July Glam Bag: Beach Beauty

Evening glittery polish lovers! Tonight I have my July Ipsy bag for you. And I love this one better than my first I got in June! I've used all this stuff a few times :)

The bag is cute, water proof, and hot pink! Woo! I received the Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray ($8ish), which yes, smells like beach. It made my hair a bit wavier, but nothing special.  I have not yet tried the Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 ($5.25). I'm waiting for a day at the boardwalk :)

Here is a swatch of my POP Beauty Crayon ($4.17) in Coral Crush. Love this color! It's a pinker coral that is very light, since it is more a balm than a lipstick or gloss. It lasted about 2 hours before fading.

Then I got a sample of 3 BH Cosmetics eyeshadows ($2ish) form the California Collection pallete. Left to right: Malibu (a medium shimmery gold), San Francisco (a shimmery coppery bronze), and Hollywood (a medium purple, almost lavender). These are so pretty! They are light though, so you may need a bit more for a darker color.

Finally I got a full size bottle of Nailtini polish ($13) in the color Mai Tai, a brighter orangey red coral. This is 2 coats. Formula was pretty good and dried quick! 

***Grand Total of My Bag: About $32.50***
***Cost of My Bag: $10***

You can't go wrong here! I calculated the prices based on size and price per ounce/unit/etc. You definitely want these! Get your Ipsy bag for $10/month with free shipping here:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Try the Untrieds: Summer Mystery Box Glitters in Monica and Kyla

Why hello there glittery polish lovers! Another late night Try the Untrieds Tuesday post! That's what happens when you have afternoon to evening hours with the babies at work! Anywho, I finally wore both of the exclusive glitter polishes in my Julep Summer Nights Mystery Box. THEY ARE GLITTERY!

First up is 2 coats of my personal favorite, Monica. This is a hot pink jelly with tons of glowing blue, orange, gold, and more glitter scattered throughout! This was thick, but not as bad as my bad experience with Vivien and Harper. Look at that polish glow!

With flash, the polishes red notes come out more, and the glitters lose their color. Still lovely though!

Here we have 2 coats of Kyla. And wow. Another orange I actually like! Maybe when you have a polish addiction, you start to like different colors lol This girl is a lighter orange jelly with gold and orange glitters throughout. This had thick formula as well, but I had easier application with it.

Flash really brings out the gold glitters more. I def have to keep this sucker for Halloween! Oooooo!

Final verdict? That mystery box was worth it for these beauties! Want to become a Julep Maven to get discounted polish and your first month's box free with code FREEBOX? Go here:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer: Always and Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

Hi there everyone! As you may remember, I love Lucky 13 Lacquer. I found her on my search for Zelda themed polishes. I'm not through that collection yet, but you can see swatches hereherehere, and here. So anywhoooo she has both a Harry Potter and a Dr. Who themed collection. While I may not be a fan of Dr. Who, I do love the polish! And this Harry Potter one...well...Always <3

Here are 2 coats of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey. I love this!!!! It is a deep blue jelly polish packed full of blue and silver glitter, including stars and crescent moons! AHHHHHHHH! This has great glittery pay off and only 2 coats for opacity are required. Are the Whovians happy out there?

Here's a flash shot! :D

Now here is the polish for my fandom. Harry Potter. This one is based on Severus Snape, our lovely potions master at Hogwarts! This is a generous coat of Always over 2 coats of SquareHue Patriot. The polish is a shimmery pale white base with mostly blue glittery dust flecks along with some other shifting colors of the rainbow!

So pretty! And this polish glows light blue in the dark, but my camera just wouldn't play nice :( Again, Lucky 13 Lacquer does not disappoint! They're long lasting and gorgeous! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Julep Mystery Box: Summer Nights Box Version 3

Evening glittery polish fans! Here's a special unplanned blog post! I ordered my first Julep Mystery box, and it came today! I got the smaller one, but I loved what was inside! Why is this my first? Because of the 2 guaranteed glitters of course!

I love that cute little purple bag that's holding my 4 polishes! So cute! So what did I get you ask?????

YES! I love what I got! While only the lip vernis and both glitters seem 'edgy and bold' to me, I still like the 2 other polishes! So top to bottom is Monica, Kyla, Sheryl, and Drew. The Lip Vernis is Zinnia and my free sample was Gylcolic Hand Scrub. Ooooo! Now full retail price would be $56 for the polish and $18.99 for the lip vernis. HOWEVER the lip vernis is on sale for $5.99 right now. That brings my box only to a total of $61.99, not $70. While I still got plenty for $24.99, I still felt a bit gypped, but I did get 2 ultra glittery polishes and a glittery plum lip gloss!

Well there you have it! While I got a smaller box and my retail value wasn't as high as it should have been, I still got plenty for my $24.99. I'll give a mystery box another chance one day! Want to become a Julep Maven? Use the code FREEBOX to get your first box free! You can skip boxes whenever, and each box costs just $20 a month. :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Try the Untrieds: SquareHue July Box aka Salute Collection

Good afternoon glittery polish fans! For my Try the Untrieds Tuesday, I have my July SquareHue box  with the Salute Collection for you! While only one shade is shimmery, the other 2 make great glitter polish bases!

First up we have Honor, a light shimmery gold polish. This is like a foil! I love it! :D And it had great formula, just like some other gold foils I have. This is 2 coats. I'm happy for a shimmery one! I feel a comparison post of my golds in the future....

Next up is 2 coats of Valor, a camo creme. I was hoping for a camo color. Reminds me of my dad's uniform! While it's not a color I like on its own, I would love to do a camo mani with it! And I have had problems with SquareHue's cremes, but not this one! It was thinner and glided onto the nail! This is a tad greener IRL.

Finally we have 2 coats of Patriot, a bright royal blue. Believe it or not, in my collection of 300 or so polishes, I don't have a color close to this AT ALL! It also glided on smoothly and dried uber quick!  This was also a great base for a Lucky 13 Lacquer polish ;)

Since I started getting SquareHue in April, this is the best box I've had yet! And here's a sneak peak of what's to come!

Get SquareHue for $14.99 for your first box here:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

HAPPY GLITTERY FOURTH OF JULY! It's a great day for friends, family, country, bbq, fireworks, armed forces, and history. It's also a great day for polish! 

Let's get this cute mani started! For a base, I used one generous coat of Zoya Carmen, a medium bright true red. The formula was flawless! The color is a bit darker in person.

Now for the design (which looks like some of those red, white, and blue banners for the holidays!) I used Zoya Ginessa and Song. With my biggest dotting tool, I dotted a white line, then a blue line, then a white line for a poofy,, perhaps scalloped look. Then a coat of Seche Vite topped it off!

This was cute, simple, not too time consuming, and has a bit of shimmer. This wasn't as in your face as my Girly Bits idea, but it was much more elegant. I'll definitely keep this on a few days! Happy 4th!

Want to try Zoya? Sign up with my link to get a polish free! Add 2 more to your cart and get free shipping! Go go go!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Polished Mafia: Big Earner

Hi glittery polish lovers! So a long time ago in a polish group far far away, a girl named Samantha was encouraged to start selling her polished creations. With inspiration from her group, her brand, The Polished Mafia, was born! Her colors are gorgeous, and she was nice enough to send me Big Earner, a teal (on the green side) holo for you guys to see!

Here is 2 coats of Big Earner with Seche Vite on top. Now this polish is thick on purpose to really let the holo pop! It wasn't difficult to work with, I just had to be sure to let it dry completely in between coats for no draggage! Now look at this linear holo. Indoors. Oooooo yes! I usually don't like greens, but I'm in love!

LOOK AT THE HOLONESS WITH FLASH YUMMMMMMM! Samantha has made some amazing polish that suits my glittery desires!

Now because the name of this polish is Big Earner, I stamped on some dollar signs using a MASH stamping plate and Zoya Richelle. I like it. I think it fits nicely! So all in all, I love this new indie brand! Samantha was right to sell her polishes. They're great! I have 3 new holos coming to me!

Want some of The Polished Mafia for yourself? Get 15% off with the code 'glitteryandpolished' until July 9 at 10pm!  Get yours here for $9-$11 a bottle!