Sunday, April 28, 2013

Written in the Stars with Some Flower Power

Evening glittery polish lovers! After the little bit of trouble I had with my first SquareHue polish, I decided to try another, Flower Power, with a Lumina Lacquer  Written in the Stars, that I had lying around forever now! 

To start this lovely combo off, I started with 2 coats of Flower Power, a nice lime green with yellow undertones. With waiting a bit longer in between coats, I didn't have the streaking and dragging I had with Groovy Love

Next came 2 coats of Written in the Stars. I originally saw this brand on a blog and impulse bought some bottles. Finally one is used! It has tons of multicolored shreds and sparkle with holo stars and diamonds. With one coat of Seche Vite, I could barely feel the stars either. Just lovely! My love for glitter is definitely written in the stars ;)

Want your own? Get them for $9.50 each here:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SquareHue: The Bloom Collection

Hi there guys! It's been a little why hasn't it? About a week. Yeah for more blogging again! Today I have my first SquareHue polishes! For this mani, I used all of the Bloom Collection: Groovy Love, Yellow Submarine, and Flower Power.

To start this off I used 2 coats of Groovy Love, a nice lavender polish with pink undertones. Formula on this was streaky then nice, but it didn't dry quick enough and my second coat pulled the polish a bit. My suggestion: thicker coats and longer dry time!  It some lights, it seems to be a darker purple.

To make my design, I used my largest and smallest dotting tools for the hearts and dots using Yellow Submarine and Flower Power. I messed up the first heart a bit, but I liked the way they came out! This collection also made me think of Shaggy from Scooby Doo saying 'Groovy' all the time lol 

While the formula was eh for me my first time, I loved the colors! Different from what I get but nice! I do hope May brings me some shimmers or glitters though! Want SquareHue? Sign up for $21 a month HERE.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Purple for Boston

Hello everyone. While I originally used this polish for Stockata, my female a cappella group, since our concert was yesterday, I heard how some bloggers were wearing purple for the Boston Marathon bombing. My prayers go out to those who were affected. I have 2 coats of OPI Liquid Sand Can't Let Go. May those affected find peace. <3

For those who want to know, no base coat. This is darker purple IRL and rougher than Zoya Pixies.   It also chipped a lot today, perhaps showing that things will not always last as long as you may think they do. Value life. Value those you have. Hold them close.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Loreal Hair Color Giveaway!

I recently won a coupon for a free box of Loreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss hair color! I can't dye my hair, so why not give it away? Here's a little giveaway as a mini thank you to all my fans before my Blogiversary in May! Giveaway ends at 11:59pm on April 18 EST!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, April 12, 2013

Liberty and Stevie..Some Summer Pixies

Hi everyone! Been a long week! I did get some great pixies in the mail though! I have Liberty and Stevie from the Zoya Summer Pixie Dust collection for you! Formula on these was great, glittery, smoothly textured, and opaque in 2 coats! No base or top coats!

First up is Liberty, a dark American blue with lighter blue glittery sparkle! This looks great on my skin and in person! It's just so blue!!!! My fave polish by far now!

While this polish was extremely gorgeous (I mean look at it!), it stained my skin/nails to hell. Seriously. I looked like I was either getting frost bite or becoming a smurf. Zoya told me it was very pigmented and I should use a certain base coat, so I suppose I'll have to do that next time! Here's the damage.

Here's Stevie! I was wanting this lavendar purple with lighter purple sparkle so bad, however it was not as gorgeous as Liberty.  I didn't like the textured look of this one as much either, but it's still one glittery purple! I definitely suggest getting your hands on some of these! Zoya outdid themselves!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Cross Made of Dahlia

Evening glittery polish lovers! As many of you may know, my Gospel Choir concert was Friday, and with our colors being black and red, I needed a matching mani! To make it nice and simple on me, I used Finger Paints Expressionist Red and Zoya Pixie Dust Dahlia for this mani!

Now I never tried Finger Paints before. I got this in my last NAS bag. It's a nice true red, but boy it was thick! I don't think I'll be using it much, or getting more of the brand. This is 2 coats.

I then used Dahlia for the tips and the cross. I liked the way it turned out :) I got some sparkle on there instead of being boring. Everything needs glittery at some point! :D I only used my Julep Quick Dry Drops for this, and I only have slight chipping on Dahlia. Not bad! Until next time!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Jamberry Cherries!

Afternoon all! It's a gorgeous sunny day, and I have a nice Jamberry nail shield sample to share with you! It's a nail shield that comes in a bazillion designs that lasts for about 2 weeks! Application is easy (acetone, buff, heat it up with a hair dryer, press down, hair dryer again, and boom!). I got my sample from Shea, so here it is!

Look at those cute little cherries! I love them :) I then used Zoya Kimmy, a scarlet red with orange undertones and lovely golden shimmer, for all my other nails in 2 coats topped with Seche Vite. This whole look is just so cute! 

My Jamberry application was a bit rushed with a tad of crinkling, but all in all, I love them! You can get them from my friend Shea at her website here: