Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Julep February Box with Hearts!

Hello all of my glittery fans! Finally have some down time! Again! I did my nails during the super bowl with the 3 Julep colors in my It Girl Box, and I made them Valentine's Day themed!

To start this mani off, I used 1.5 coats of Julep Rebel. This seems at first to be a very opaque silver scattered holo, but in some light, I can faintly see a linear holo. Reallly faintly. Still gorgeous though!

Now to make the hearts I used a striper brush and 2 coats of either Julep Joan or Marion. I did swatch Joan at one point, but the next morning I already had tip wear and it had eaten my top coat! My nails were all dusty and meh. So instead it became a heart!

Overall I liked my maven box. It even came with an eye lash curler! However, Joan will probably never see the light of day by itself. Ah well! This is still one great box!

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  1. Rebel is so pretty!! I didn't know if Julep had them in but it is a pretty decent holo!! Great mani dear :)

    1. Thank you! And I know! Rebel is a keeper. It kinda makes me want the other holo now.