Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lit From Within: A Guest Post

Evening all! I know it's late, but I had 6 hours of club leadership training today! I'm on an eboard for 2 clubs in my college, so it was worth it at least! Since I haven't had time to do my nail rescue post today, here's a guest post from Nidia at Lit From Within!

Hi!  No need to panic, or adjust your monitors - Alex's nails didn't all break off!  Ok, ONE of her nails broke off, so I'm filling in to give her a chance to whip that hand back into shape.  I'm Nidia, and I run a little blog called Lit From Within.  Have you heard the buzz about I Love Nail Polish's new mega-ultra-multichromes?  They are pretty fantastic, and I have two to show you today:  Birefringence, and Cygnus Loop.
Birefringence, and Cygnus Loop
Cygnus Loop (named for a supernova remnant in the Cygnus constellation) has a more purple base, and is on my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers.  Birefringence (also a real thing, by the way) is a teal-based multichrome, and is on my pointer and ring fingers. I love doing nail art, and was inspired by these 'Peacock Nails' by Beauty by Suzi.  You can find her tutorial by following the link.  I decided to leave one of each color plain, so I have a thumb accent of Cygnus Loop, and a ring accent of Birefringence.  Then, I applied a layer of black over the other nails, leaving an edge of the undies.
Then, I painted over the black (again, leaving an edge) with the opposite color.  Looking pretty cool, I think... but I'm not done yet!
One more layer of black, and then back to the original color for that nail.  This was so cool when I would move my nails around and the colors would shift.  There are violets and reds and blues and purples in both of the polishes, but not at the same angles. Very psychedelic!
Here's the bottle shot:  ILNP Cygnus Loop, Birefringence, and OPI Black Onyx.
I've seen some pix that suggest that these two are close cousins, if not dupes, to Enchanted Polish's Across the Universe and Octopus' Garden, when used with a holo topcoat, too!  Are you a fan of multichrome polishes? If you'd like to see more from me, please head over to my Facebook page, Twitter, or follow my blog! Thanks to Alex for letting me share my nail art with you today!

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