Thursday, May 31, 2012

Claire's Magnetix

Hey glittery polish people! Because I like shimmer and shine as well, I tried one of the newest trends out there, magnetic nail polish! I'm not one to spend too much on polish, and Claire's Magnetix in Dark Blue was only $8.50 a bottle and with a giftcard, what a deal!

I took off the magnet and shook the bottle for about 20 seconds to get the metal powder throughout the polish.  Then I put on only one coat with another extra brush of polish just to apply the 'generous amount.'  This polish was thick, so even with careful fingers, it still got on my cuticles. However, this was more than I expected! I held the magnet over the freshly painted nail after I was done for about 20 seconds, just to be safe, and it made a pretty shimmery design on my nail! I was not disappointed at all! 

While thick, the brush helped apply the polish mostly evenly. The nice thing about the magnet was that it has a little nub on the bottom to rest on your cuticles, so it's easier to hold the magnet in place/not have it touch your nail. Other polishes do not have this, and it's more difficult to hold the magnet steady. All in all, I give this new trend a 9/10! I hope that in the future some different/more glittery colors can emerge!


  1. I wanna try this stuff!! <333

    1. I suggest waiting until they have a sale. I hear they do buy 1 get 1 50% off!

  2. That is pretty awesome <3 it!