Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tiger Stripes

So on my way to the bank to deposit some baby sitting money, I thought, well I'll pop by Rite Aid. I discovered that they have nearly every polish made by Sinful Colors. My friend has been wanting me to do tiger stripes, so what an opportunity! I picked up a black striper, an orange, and a glitter polish of course!

Smoking Hot: A fine, white glittery polish; Courtney Orange: A shimmery, darker orange

So first I applied one coat of the orange to all of my nails. I'm sticking with one coat since it's so dark, and I'll be painting the stripes on top.  I'm letting them dry about 20 minutes before I do stripes.  Here's how the color looks on it's own.

Then I made some lines, some long and short, over my nails with the striper. I just did this all random. No fancy stuff here...but something was missing....

So of course I put on a little glitter! I used the Smoking Hot glitter polish, which is very fine glitter polish, to just add a bit of sparkle, being the glittery person I am. Hope you enjoy my tiger stripes!


  1. I love them! My mom does, too. :P But what's a striper?

    1. I striper is what you call a thin nail art brush. You use it for stripes, outlining, etc. Got one for $2 in black at Rite Aid :)