Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Candy Canes for Christmas!

Evening glittery polish lovers! I said I'd do candy canes darn it, and I tried my best to do them! The girl at the new Sally's by my house said they were cute, so they can't be too terrible. Here are some candy canes over 2 coats of Barielle End of the Rainbow.

This was a little difficult to photograph, but let's get on to it shall we? I used 2 coats of Barielle End of the Rainbow. Then after bumping my middle finger (I'm such a spazz) I took out my biggest dotting tool. I used it to paint the base of the candy cane with China Glaze The Ten Man, and then I used Barielle Cherry Blossom Sparkler for the stripes. If the babies think they're neat, at the girl at Sally's thinks they're cute, guess I'm okay! 8/10 for application and an 7/10 for glitter. 

1 comment:

  1. you should have used your little dotting tool thingies(or whatever they're called... dipped a thin one in the nail polish, and dragging it across the white. blah blah blah, insert other girly things that i shouldn't know here... glad you finally did my idea and posted it