Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Glitteriest and Prettiest Polishes of 2012

This is, you guessed it, my top Glitteriest and Prettiest Polishes of 2012! I only started blogging in May, but I've had some great glittery adventures along the way. On to the polishes! First up has to be  Lynnderella the Stars in Her Eyes. I went gaga over this one. Those stars. That holo. I almost couldn't take it off!

Next is China Glaze Riveting. I only put it on last night, and boy is it gorgeous! This is one of the prettiest and shimmeriest. Gold and orange. Yum.

Next is Delusional Polish World's Fair. This was my first polish for review from Jen. It was just so delicate and the glitter was quenched with one coat of top coat. 

Then there is China Glaze Glistening Snow. This was literally glistening holo snow. It took everyone's breath away!

Next is Lynnderella Golden Rules. I love gold. Glitter. Stars. Squares. Diamonds. YES

Now we have China Glaze Electrify. The Hunger Games collection was stunning, and this polish made one gorgeous Sunday before Christmas mani!

Another Delusional Polish! Count Down. This is definitely a NYE polish. Too bad I can't wear it. I'm strict about getting through my untrieds first. Ha!

Next up is Super Hero by Whimsical by Pam. This was a matte glitter, but gosh it reminded me of Super Man! It was perfect! It lasted a long time too. 

Another brand that got me was Lucky 13 Lacquer. I found her because of my love for Zelda, and her polishes did not disappoint! My fave from her collection was Prelude of Light. I'm turning into a bit of a gold polish junkie!

Finally because of my a cappella group, Stockata, I have Stockata by Black Cat Lacquer.  This polish was worn the night of our concert when I sang my Give Your Heart a Break solo. This polish just represents my group and the love for purple and black and glitter. Thanks so much Sabrina!

This was great! My top glitteriest and prettiest polishes of 2012. It was great to see my different nails, different polishes, and different glitters of my 2012 blogging career. And THANK YOU awesome followers and readers for a great year!


  1. I absolutely LOVED Riveting! I bought it on clearance at Ulta and couldn't believe I hadn't gotten it sooner! I also was able to wear it for almost a week before it chipped! One of my favorite polishes of the year by far!

  2. I love The Stars in Her Eyes! Those little stars make me smile every time! :)

    1. I know. I'm going to probably use the whole bottle eventually lol