Monday, January 21, 2013

Glitter with Rachel

Hello there ladies! I have a nice little nail art post for you today that involves the lovely Julep Rachel and some hexagonal silver glitter I got. This is very easy, but of course, time consuming. Here's my Rachel mani glitzed up a bit!

I love this! It's very simple and you get glitter with some rainbowness! Now how I did this was put a layer of top coat on my nails, dip my cuticle stick into a bit of top coat, then place the glitter. This was super easy. Then another thick layer of top coat held them on until I got bored and picked them all off....yeah that's what happens when you're bored XD

This was a great way to take a shimmery brown polish and make it nice and glittery! :D I'll def use these glitters again. When I again have the patience to put them on! Have you tried putting glitter on your nails? If not, give it a whirl!

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