Saturday, January 19, 2013

Julep Swatchathon

Hello everyone! As promised, did a Julep Swatchathon with 3 unused Juleps. And it's sad, but the glitters, YES THE GLITTERS were disappointing. And the shimmery brown won! Brown! Hold on tight for this! First we have Julep Harper. 

I've heard that Sinful Colors Nail Junkie is a dupe, and I agree, but at least Nail Junkie isn't so thick! Ick this Julep was sooo thick. Nail Junkie (from my memory) was much thinner. This is 2 coats. While the glitter and sparkle is nice, the thickness prevented me from wanting to do another coat. I think I'll stick with Nail Junkie on this one.

Next is Julep Vivien, another disappointment. This is a VERY pale gold shimmer with gold hexes. 3 coats creates too much clump up with the hexes. Boo. Perhaps if I try this as a topper my opinion will change, but I didn't like this one on its own at all! I could only do 2 fingers. Oui this color.

Here's the lovely light in the darkness! Julep Rachel. I've had this for MONTHS. Finally swatched. Well worn. This was a lovely one coater I used for a mani. This is a medium shimmery brown with lots of lighter brown and golden undertones. And look at that golden shimmer! This is only the second brown in my collection I love. This may even beat China Glaze Harvest Moon!

Just look at it! It's lovely! I think I may even detect some faint pink shimmer too! Just woah. I love this one. I see some nail art from this! So the shimmer beats the glitters. Like woah. What is this crazy polish world coming to???


  1. I got Vivian and am having difficulty as well. It is the thickest polish I have ever had. I am thinking of trying to thin mine out. It is almost unusable. I LOVE Rachel! I will add that to my wish list!

    1. I've never tried thinner. I'm afraid I'll ruin the polish! And yes. Rachel is a must :)

    2. I've noticed a lot of Julep's glitters tend to be really thick (or they end up that way over time). I used thinner to make mine usable and it fixed the problem completely! I love Vivian but I agree, it's much better as a topper. Love it over neutrals!