Friday, January 11, 2013

Lynnderella Funny Money

Afternoon glittery polish lovers! I'm on new antibiotics and hopefully gonna beat this bronchitis. For now I have a lovely mani using Zoya Ivanka and Lynnderella Funny Money!

While not a Lynn that I will kill for, this is still very nice. And Ivanka made perfect undies for it! I used 2 coats of Ivanka, 2 coats of Funny Money, a coat of Gelous, and a coat of Seche Vite. Funny Money apparently has some Bergamot essential oil in it, which supposedly gives you prosperity, and while smelling this, I was definitely hoping for some prosperity! 

Funny Money has so much glitter! There are multicolored hex, dot, square, and bar glitter. Like woah! There's obviously predominant greens and black, but there seems to be some gold dust sprinkled throughout. This polish makes me feel legit. Like I have tons of money or something. Too bad that's not true XD I got this off of copious way back when for cheap with credits. I give this an 8/10 for application (no dabbing required!) and a 9/10 for glitter. Not bad at all Lynn. :)

Get some Lynns at her ebay store here:


  1. Another Lynn! Woohoo! How many do you have? I love this with Charla! These two might have to come out again in March, eh? :)

    1. I think if it stays around (I may swap it out), it may end up over gold. For March ;) I think I have....Funny Money, Golden Rules, Mercury's Rainbow, Stars in Her Eyes, Sweets to the Sweets, and mini Bride of Franken. Wow. I have more than I thought lol