Monday, March 11, 2013

Belgian Chocolate: A Glitter Gal Beyond Your Imagination

Evening glittery polish lovers! I know it's been a while. The week before spring break is hectic, and with field work during my break, it's even more hectic! I do have a special treat. Beautometry, a site that allows you to buy a few different indies/international polish brands, contacted me to review a Glitter Gal for the site. Glitter Gal! My first! And if you keep reading, there's a Coupon Code for all you readers out there at the bottom! Here's what I picked to review! Belgian Chocolate!

Woooah! I'm reminded of the holo goodness of Ozotic 509! This is 2 coats of Belgian Chocolate with no top coat. In the shade this is a dark brown with silver glitter from the holo dust. Then in the light of my lamp or flash, you get this gorgeous chocolately cherry color with tons of linear rainbow holo goodness! The first coat was light and the second coat made it just dark enough!

This is what it looks like just under my lamp! Ahhhh! Such a strong holo! Gorgeous color I don't have, nice formula (just a tad thick, but some holos are), and all this from Beautometry! They were great, reached out to me, sent out the polish March 6, and I got it at my mail room March 11. Wonderful!

You can get this gorgeous polish at, and as my reader, you can get 10% off with the code: glittery

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