Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kelara Lacquers: Just Puzzling...

Evening glittery polish lovers! Today I have some easy nail art brought to you with Kelara Lacquers in Mars and Earth. These polishes are lovely. Each with scattered holo dust, 2 coats for opacity, and pretty good formula, just a tad on the slightly thicker side. This was my first time using Tara and Kellen's polishes, and boy do I love them!

To do this, you simply need scotch tape and a dotting tool, whether homemade or bought! I painted my  nails with 2 coats of Earth, a sky blue scattered holo. After it dried for 15 minutes, I put scotch tape on half of my nail, painted a thick coat of Mars (a brick red scattered holo) onto the exposed half, then ripping off the tape quickly. I then used my biggest dotting tool to make the red dots. With some Seche Vite to seal it in, I was finished with my puzzle nails!

These polishes are gorgeous! And this mani wasn't too hard either :) 7/10 for application and 5/10 for glitter. I love Kelara Lacquers, and I'll definitely be getting more!

Get some from the Planetary Collection and more for $9 at

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