Monday, November 5, 2012

Sally Hansen HD Color Swatches Part 1

Afternoon glittery polish lovers! So I realized I have 7 of the SH HD Color polishes they discontinued. You've seen Resolution in my Triforce mani way back when, and now I think it's time to share the rest with you! Let's start this party off!


Here's the first and perhaps my least favorite, 3 coats of Spectrum. I feel like this was the sheerest of the bunch. I could have put on 4 coats, but I just didn't have the time. However, there were pink/blue-green glass flecks in it. Not bad. Seemed like a light blue duochrome effect here.  And a blue-green base to pull it all together. This one may end up in the swap pile.

Here are 3 buttery coats of Hue. Yup. Butter. That's what it reminded me of lol I actually liked this one. It didn't have as much shimmer as the others, but the medium yellow color along with the silver shimmer was nice. This one really showed its brush strokes though!

And here are 3 coats of Laser, my fave of the bunch, with a nice coat of Seche Vite for keeps! I'm still wearing it ;) This one was a very nicely pigmented dark blue with what seemed to be lighter blue and some purple glass flecks. Might even be some red in there! This one also had more of a purply duochrome to it too. This one is for keeps. Definitely! 


  1. I want the top blue one!!!! :) You should do my nails with that one!