Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some Red Fishnets If You Please

Heyyyyyy glittery ladies! Hope all goes well in the worlds of glitter and polish! Sorry I've been a little postless this week. Camera problems and total swampage! I'm still wearing this mani as well. I need to redo my nails! Anywho, I decided to try some more designs with my striping brush, so I created what I believe to be some red fishnet stockings! 

To start this beauty off, I used 2 coats of Avon's Ruby Slipper that's been newly reformulated. It's an even truer red with silver and dark red micro shimmer! After that dried, I just drew some intersecting lines and bam! Instant red fishnets.  The lady at the polling booth on election day loved my nails and couldn't believe I did them myself or that I spent so long on them. Good to know they love them! This is def a 6/10 for glitter and a 7/10 for application. This is super easy, and I plan to do it again with other colors!

It looks like a red orange without flash eh? Still nice!

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