Friday, June 15, 2012

Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine

Good afternoon polish lovers! So today I did a design that fit the weather! Blue skies, some clouds, and a hint of sunshine!

So to begin, I used just one coat of Essence's Gleam in Blue! The brush gave very smooth and easy application, and the shimmery blue required only one coat to be as opaque as I wanted! Again, the cheap $1 polish that is Essence never ceases to amaze me!

After that coat dried, I used a dotting tool along with Wet N' Wild Shine in White French Creme for the fluffy clouds. I then used Sinful Colors in Let's Meet to do a yellow tip on my ring finger and then a paint brush to do the sun's rays. Warning, don't use too much yellow. It may not look dark enough, but when it dries, coverage is perfect! I then used use a Sinful Colors Black striper to outline the sun. And ta-da! There it is! I didn't use a base coat, but I did use Sally Hansen's Dual Strengthening Base and Top Coat for the top coat. There you have it! Cute and original! As usual, I'd like to rate the essence as 10/10! Just awesome. Until next time!


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    1. Thanks dear! Figured I'd get it in before Summer really kicked off!

  2. This is so cute! Great idea, very creative :)