Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Glittery Nail Mail

Good evening glittery polish world! So today I got my first ever nail mail from my friend Katie in my a capella group. It was glittery, blue, purple, and she claimed it would be like 'a galaxy' on my nails. And boy was it! Introducing Fashion Bug's Twilight Blue Sparkle as glittery tips!

So using the wonderful tape method, I made these glittery tips! It took about 2 coats per nail, and then I removed the tape after about 15 seconds. Twilight Blue Sparkle was a little thick and had a strong odor, but the glitter factor was amazing! Katie knows me well!  Here was what it looked like!

So then I used a silver striper from 5 Below for some definition, holding the brush still and rotating my finger. Then I finished off with a coat of Sally Hansen's Dual Strengthening Base and Top Coat! I definitely liked this mani. Lots of glitter, and it was from a friend. Fashion Bug is going out of business though, so if you want one, run there!  I give this a 9/10 on glitteriness, 7/10 for application, and a thank you to Katie!



  2. OOOOO can you do this to my nails whenever i decide to let them grow out????? puhlease????????????/

  3. This turned out beautifully!!! LOVE