Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Flower for Mom

You're lucky! Two posts in one day! My mom saw my flowers and decided that she'd like them too. She just wanted them on her pointer finger, so this is how it turned out.

Color used was my mom's favorite, Avon's 30 Second Speed Dry in Mambo Melon. And people, it really does dry in 30 seconds! The polish is dark enough for only one coat to make it opaque. Just for a touch of sparkle and flare, I used my dotting tool to make 5 white dots for the flower on each hand, and then I used Funky Fingers in Golden Coast for the middle of each flower. Enjoy another even simpler unique glitter flower design! Good night! 

(With flash: Mom did the Mambo Melon, I just did the flower)

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