Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HITS Holographic Dionisio

Hello hello! Sorry for the wait between posts! I had to wait for some sunshine for this one! And here it is! HITS holographic nail polish in Dionisio!

This stuff is amazing! I used 2 coats, and it was plenty! The brush was easy to use for application, but beware, it smells more like acrylic paint than nail polish, and make sure to let a bit drip off your brush before application! When it goes on, it's dark purple with silver micro glitters packed throughout. When it goes under sunlight, bam! A shimmer of glitter and rainbows emerges! Inside under lamp light though, you get a muted rainbow effect. 

So overall, because I love purple since it is my a capella group, Stockata's color, and I love sparkle and effects, this polish is a 10/10 for me! It really was great to look at them in the sun! I would definitely invest in more holo polishes if I had another $10! HITS can be found on for $10 a bottle, pretty much as cheap as holo polish gets. Until next time! Enjoy more rainbow goodness!


  1. nice, but it's been done before. Try to find something very unique for the next one

    1. Well I try to throw in reviews of plain old polish too. Some look good on their own.

    2. I have to agree that I prefer your unique designs over the plain polish reviews, although I get what you're saying.

    3. It's just hard to do 'cool' stuff all the time. It takes forever. XD

    4. I can imagine. That's generally why I avoid painting my nails--and I'm talking about just plain old polish, without the designs.

    5. That's also why I try to stick to the quicker drying polishes like Essence and Avon