Thursday, May 23, 2013

Candeo Colors: Sweet Sierra and some Plumage

Good morning all! Yup! Morning! I have work today so I'm up and about. I have 2 lovely Candeo Colors to show you today, and they are my first Candeos, so here we go on an adventure!

This is one thick coat of Sweet Sierra over Zoya Richelle down the side of my nail using tape . PURPLE. Ooooo! I love this. There's all kinds of hexes in pink, purple, silver, and iridescent! I love squares, but they weren't too pronounced. While lovely, this was thick. A bit of a pain, but I made it work.

OH YES. Plumage restored my faith! This is 2 coats over Zoya Jo. Look. At. All. The. Square. Glitter. Ahhh! This has different sized hexes in dark/light blue, green, and gold. And gold squares! :D And formula on this was normal, thinner, and not so thick. I suppose the polishes vary, but I like the thinner ones.  So 9/10 for Candeo all in all? I think so! I'll def be picking more of these up in the future!

Get Candeo Colors for $9 a bottle here! 

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