Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Try the Untrieds Tuesday with Zoyas!

Welcome to Try the Untrieds Tuesday glittery polish lovers! My untried drawer is huge now, so here's a great way to go through them! I used all Zoyas for this! I'll start with the base! 

2 coats of Zoya Eva. This application was nearly flawless!  In some lights, like flash, it's a normal dusty watermelon pink. In others it's strawberry red or an orange red! Look!

What the power of a regular bulb compared to a flash bulb can do!

Now here is my mani with Charla an Apple. I used Apple for the flowers centers and the dots, while I used Charla for the petals. This was really easy, just time consuming.

I used a stippling motion to make the centers and petals as big as I liked with my biggest dotting tool.  I then used my smallest tool for the random green dots. I like it. It's wacky colors and glittery. A win all around! Dip into your untrieds guys! I want to see you try your untrieds this or next Tuesday!

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