Friday, October 5, 2012

Bluey in the Morning

Evening again glittery polish lovers! Seems my posts are moving to the evening later and later. Silly college! So I offer up some more Butter London spam from my Coterie order. One morning, my roomie's alarm woke me up at 8 when I didn't have to get up till 10, so I watched Home Improvement, drew up a table, and did my nails. Woo! This is some of my best non hurried application ever! I give you Bluey and West End Wonderland!

I love Bluey! I needed more shimmer base polishes to use for nail art or glitter layering, and bluey definitely does the trick. It's a sheer blue with green tones and micro glitter. Even some silver micro glitter! 2 coats was all I needed, though if I felt adventurous, I would have done 3. I feel this was fine for me though. This is definitely one of those colors I could see me revisiting and wearing alone. Next we have West End Wonderland, a gorgeous glittery polish, my favorite! I see light and dark gold glitter along with some burn orange glitter in it too! Gives it some depth :) My accent nail is 2 coats over Bluey. Everything is topped with Seche Vite. Love! Lots of compliments on this one. They thought I finally broke down and had my nails done :P I give this a 10/10 for application and a 8/10 for glitteriness. I'm falling hard for Butter Londons!

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  1. Those are cute colors together.... I love the blue :)