Sunday, October 28, 2012


Good afternoon foolish glittery mortals. I have decided to do a design I haven't seen any of my fellow bloggers do this Halloween yet. Frankenstein nails! This mani was inspired by the stitched together parts that make up Frankenstein! 

Let's get this started shall we? I started off with Seche's Ridge Filling Base Coat (cause greens like to stain my little nails!) and 2 coats of Zoya Ivanka, my favorite shimmery dark green! The fill line on this is slowly going down. Darn! Then I pulled out my Sinful Colors Black Striper to make the 'stitches.' This was super easy, but a little harder on my right hand. It's still a little hard for me too use a striper on my right hand, but at least this hand came out pretty good! I give this a 6/10 for glitter and an 8/10 for application. I love my Frankenstein nails! Let me know what you guys can come up with!