Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Waterfall Fail with Zoya Fall Pixies

Afternoon glittery polish lovers! Now in case you've forgotten, my giveaway ends August 26 at midnight EST, so go enter here. Now onto the tad bit of a nail art fail here. 

Now the waterfall mani has been making its rounds, so I thought I'd try with my uber glittery Zoya pixie dusts! Mistake number 1. I also thought I'd be able to do it with a nail art brush that wasn't about an inch long. Mistake number 2.  I used Ginessa for the base and pixies in Sunshine, Carter, and Tomoko for the waterfall.

So what have we learned? One, let your base color dry completely before trying this. Two, use a longer brush. Seriously. The short brush made this impossible to get long, tapered  clean lines. And three, don't use textured polishes for this! Didn't work like I thought. I have a better brush and plan on reattempting this soon! 

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