Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ipsy August 2013 Glam Bag: Glamour Academy

Afternoon glittery polish lovers! It's time for a review of the items I got in my August Ipsy bag! The theme was Glamour Academy. While I love making my nails look their best, these items were there to make the rest of you look great too!

I love this month's cosmetic bag so much more than the one from last month! It's purple! GAH! I received a sample of Pixi Beauty Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black ($7.29).  I don't wear mascara, so this hasn't been touched. However, I love the Noya Vanilla lip balm ($3.99). It smells like fresh baked vanilla cupcakes, is Kosher, all natural, and felt great!

Next up is City Color Cheek Stain in Pink ($2.99). I have it just rubbed on on the left, and blended in on the right. It's light, but more makes it a bit darker. I rarely use blush, but this would be great for a quick touch up during concerts!

Now we have Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream ($5.33). It's a bit dark on my hand, but it worked great on my cheek! It's got some color and slight shimmer to it. Again, not something I'd use normally, but for concerts or a night out, why not? 

Finally there's Michael Todd True Organics Jojoba Charcoal Scrub ($5.40). This I like! It's got an earthy scent. I used it on my face one night after my shower. It's not too gritty, and I rinsed my face after rubbing it all over for about 1-2 minutes. It left my face feeling fresh, clean, and a little bit tight. Surprisingly though, it didn't make my face red or break out! Mary Kay scrubs have done that to me. This one's a keeper! 

***Grand Total of My Bag: About $25***
***Cost of My Bag: $10***

While this bag was not as great as months past, it still had some things I'll use. There's always a slight flop sometimes! If you like any of these items, go get an Ipsy bag for $10 a month here:

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