Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Try the Untrieds: Lynnderella Talismans and Birthstones

Hello glittery polish lovers! For this edition of Try the Untrieds, I have 2 Lynnderella Birthstones polishes to share with you! I got Diamond Light (April) and Sapphire Starfire (September).

First up is 2 coats of Sapphire Starfire over 2 coats of Zoya Storm. OMG. While this is not my fave of the 2, it is still freaking awesome! There's an assortment of blue glitters in here, be they holo dark blue hexes, holo stars, a flower, a heart, or more! And there's a blue shimmery clear base. MMMMMM! This embodies a sapphire perfectly. My only issue was slight curling on the large holo blue hexes, though this may be solved by pushing them down a bit next time.

Now for my new favorite Lynnderella, under a new light of mine! :D This is 1 coat of Diamond Light with a bit of placement over 2 coats of Picture Polish Denim. Wooooooahhhhh. Dot glitter. Good coverage. Holo. YES! There are pale pink and holo silver dots, holo silver diamonds, and blue diamonds, along with some rainbow dust in the clear base. Just pure beauty for April's diamond!

And as you can see on the pinky of my terribly painted right hand, I got a large hot pink dot. I got one on that thumb too. Man this polish is awesome! While Lynnderellas are more on the expensive side, it is worth it to get one in a swap or sale every 2 months or so! :)

Get Lynnderellas from new and past collections at the ebay store here: http://lynnderella.com/


  1. Omg, love the Sapphire Starfire as well! I love how it looks like space haha!!