Friday, August 9, 2013

Sunny's Sugar Hand Scrubs

Evening all! I've had some GREAT sugar scrubs for the past few weeks, and now I can share them with you! I got them from Sunny at 365 Days of Color, and they are awesome!

I got the scrubs in the scents Pink Sugar and Fairy Dust. It's only $6 and you get 3 different 1oz scents! And she has over 170 scents! Boom! And as you can see, they've got all kinds of good stuff like shea butter and coconut oil. Mmmmmm!

Here is Pink Sugar, a looser, darker brown sugar scrub. By the usage, you can tell I use it a lot! Sunny describes it as an 'extraordinarily sweet blend of fruit, vanilla and caramelized sugar.' I agree with that. It' just so sweet! And the scent of this one stays true once it's rubbed into your hands. Mmmmm!

Here is Fairy Dust, a harder, lighter golden scrub. I haven't used this one as much because of the scent. Sunny describes it as a 'sweet blend of pomegranate, citrus, berry and musk are sweetened with vanilla and sugar crystals to create this new delightfully luscious scent.' Now while in the container it smells more like black currant to me, on my hands it's more musky, and I don't like that scent. 

Now each set of scrubs come with a handy little scooper! I use as much as I show in the picture, put it on my wet hands in the shower, scrub it all into my nails/cuticles (it makes them soooooo soft!), and then rinse with a pat dry. In short, I LOVE THESE SCRUBS. Fairy Dust is just not my scent, but there's over 170 to choose from!

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