Thursday, August 1, 2013

SquareHue August 2013: Endless Summer Collection

Evening everyone! Swatching kept getting delayed because of work. Gahh. Then my SquareHue box showed up today! New swatching plans! Here's the Endless Summer Collection....

So let's begin with my least favorite, Bikini Beach. I was a nice golden creme yellow. However, it was streaky after 3 coats, and not good for my skin. However, I can see this one being used for nail art!

Next is 2 coats of Scorched Summer. This one had a great formula. Not streaky or thick! Formula was just like Patriot from the last box. It's a nice reddish brown creme. Now I feel this looks better on me than on someone with sun kissed skin, but eh. My opinion. This is a good base for glitter. 

We end with 2 coats of my favorite, Surf Gypsy, which is the glitter polish of the bunch. Woot! This is a nice dark berry color with holographic glitter scattered throughout. It's just so pretty! And it looks great with my skin :) However, I feel this is more of a fall/winter color than a summer color. While it doesn't fit the theme, it's the best in the box in color, glitter, and formula!

There you have it! While one polish wasn't very summery and 2 were not my colors, the box was still pretty nice. After all. It's like a box of never know what you're gonna get! And here's the preview of next month's collection!


  1. OMG! How did you get it so fast, do you live on Sunset in Miami? LOL Can't wait to get mine! :)

    1. I actually have no was supposed to be delivered Aug 2 and I got it Aug 1! I also live in NJ. Go figure!