Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Friend to Experiment With

Good evening all! While I may not have had time to do my nails, last night I did my friend Kiersten's! She was visiting from PA, so I thought, hey why not! As long as it wasn't pink she wanted it, so I did a simple flower mani made with a dotting tool and some awesome polishes! I apologize for the messy application. While the flowers were nice, the base was slapdash because we were rushing to be done before we passed out from being at the beach! And now to a how to!

Nice right? Well here's how it goes. I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Flirt, which I thought would be a dark purple. With the flash and in some light, it looked reddish! Woah! My only problem with this is that it was a little too thin, and that made it a slight pain to apply. What I thought was a perfect amount of polish was actually too much! However, it dried quickly, which was a plus. After that, I used one of my smaller dotting tools to use a shimmery gold polish from Funky Fingers called Down to Earth. Then for the centers I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Gorgeous! My friend loved this simple, slapdash, design. Gotta love Kiersten! With a quick coat of Seche Vite, it was dry and shiny! I don't know if I will try this Sally Hansen line again, but I def suggest her other polishes! I give this overall mani a 5/10 for glitteriness and a 7/10 for application. Enjoy and good night! Thanks to Kiersten for being my experimentee. :)

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  1. I most def did love this mani! and my grandma says they look cute too :) <3 you!