Monday, July 9, 2012

Zoya Zoya!

Good evening my glittery friends! So today while at the mall I discovered a store...a glorious store that had tons of brand name polishes at discounted prices! There will be a blog post on that later, but for now, I'll share what I picked up: Zoya Fleck Top Coat in Maisie! I've been wanting to try one forever, and at $6.95, why not? I did my nails to match my bathing suit for the beach tomorrow! :)

Let us get on with the glitteriness, shall we? So to start this, I put one coat of Zoya Zuza on every finger but my accent (still a bit thick, but apparently this is what happens with mini bottles, for full size bottles are fine) and a coat of Wet N' Wild Shine in Black.  Everything needed only one coat! Fabulous! So this is what everything looked like BEFORE the fleck top coat that is Maisie.

So at first I thought I'd use a darker blue, but wanted to use my Zoya Zuza instead. The Maisie flecks kinda blended in with it a bit too well, but they looked absolutely marvelous on the black! Next time I'll do an all black mani with Maisie on top! The fleck top coat when on very nicely, not thick at all, and on my black nail, I could really see it shift from blue, to green, to gold! Gloriously mesmerizing!  Here is a shot to show the color change of blue/green!

So while it added more glitter, depth, and shimmer to Zuza, it really did a number on my black nail polish! This is my first fleck, and I'm in love! I give it a 10/10 for glitter and 3D effect! I'd def buy another.  Perhaps I shall have to go to Beauty Plus Salon again!  Don't forget to go like my facebook page!


  1. I love Maisie! It reminds me of Essie Shine of the Times but with more blue tones!

  2. Those are cute colors love it!!!!