Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Covered in Diamonds!

Good afternoon glittery polish lovers! Afternoon. Can you believe it? I had time to do my nails BEFORE the sun went down. So as I was taking inventory of my polishes last night, I found an Essence, Where's the Party?, that I'd forgotten to use! And with a Color Club in Covered in Diamonds, I had to use them both! Here's my nails, and I do feel as if I've been covered in diamonds!

Let's get this awesomeness started! So to begin, I used 1 coat (yes 1) to get Where's the Party? opaque. Essence is known for smooth application, incredible brushes, and needing only 1 coat, all for $1. And there's some shimmer too!  Now this polish shifts from a darker green to a fuchsia depending on the light and what angle you look at it from. Here's a few pics of that awesomeness!

Looks pretty awesome by itself right? I loved it! It was just a little bit streaky (which has never happened to me with Essence polishes), but I'm guessing this is because of the shifting color.  After that, I decided I'd put a special untried glitter polish on top. Covered in Diamonds by Color Club! It has shreds of iridescent rainbow glitters in a clear base. Love love love! However, this was very thick,  so I suggest wiping the brush on the neck of the bottle a few times. The final product was beautiful after being topped off with a coat of Seche Vite! So many colors, and so much glittery goodness! I give overall application a 7/10, and overall glitter an 8/10.  I'm glad I found such a nice glitter polish to top off any future mani!

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