Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Pink Cheetah Print

Good evening!  Sorry I was so M.I.A. this week, but I had work at my church's summer preschool/daycare for like 7 hours a day for 3 days, and then college stuff the other days that I had to do! Now I'm back! At first I thought I'd do a fruity design, but didn't have the time tonight due to a CPR class tomorrow! So instead I did something easy and stylish I've been thinking of for a while. Here it is! A hot pink cheetah print mani! 

So for this easy, quick mani, here's what you need! Funky Fingers in Screamin' Fuchsia, Sinful Colors in Snow Me White, and then any black striper (I used a Sinful Colors one).  I put on one nice coat of Snow Me White to make the hot pink pop! After it dried a bit, I took almost all of the polish off of my Screamin Fuchsia brush and dabbed blotches onto my nails with the tip of the brush. I let these dry a bit, so that the black would not streak with the pink. Then using my striper, I either drew 2 lines around a spot or drew a 'C' shape. Then true to a cheetah's coat, I then used the tip of my striper to put in more black spots.  I used no top coat (because I did not want to risk the black streaking on the white), and that was it! I definitely like this, and it was surprisingly easy using my left hand to paint as well! No glitter here, but def a spark of originality, and one of my favorite colors!

*Funky Fingers can be purchases at Five Below, where they are 3 for $5!!!*

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