Sunday, July 29, 2012

Julep Bombshell Intro Polishes

Good afternoon glittery polish lovers! I recently became a Julep Maven, where you can get your first intro box for a penny buy using the promo PENNY. Great right? I don't have to get another box again if I don't want too! I got the Bombshell box, and in it were Natasha and Oscar. They went together perfectly, and my mani looked beautiful!

Now look at that glitter and shine! Of course, it all starts off with a great creme base, which is Julep Natasha. It was said to be a coral, but for me it was more of a rich, dark orange. The formula was wonderfully smooth, and the brush was just as good! My application looked pretty darn clean, even with nubby nails! I only need 1 coat for full opacity over my Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat. Look at the shine it had on its own!

After that dried, which didn't take long at all, I whipped out Julep Oscar, the extremely gold shiny glitter that looked like it would go perfectly with Natasha. I had plenty of glitter in one coat, and it was not difficult to apply at all! It also had excellent coverage, so I only need a swipe of my brush on each half of my nail. Then with a coat of Seche Vite, any slight feeling of grittiness from the glitter was erased! I give this overall mani a 10/10 for application and a 9/10 for glitteriness. Just look at the glitter and shine! This was my first experience with Julep, so I know my America polish that's hiding in my untrieds will be wonderful down the road as well!

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