Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey! Listen! It's Navi!

Hey! Listen! Wanna kill Navi now? That annoying fairy Link gets in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? I know I always do! However, Navi also translates beautifully into polish and a mani! Feeding my gamer/Zelda addiction, I offer a brand new indie line, Lucky 13 Lacquer, that has a Zelda themed collection based on the Ocarina songs and characters! The first of the bunch I have here is Navi, everyone's favorite blueish whiteish annoying fairy!

Hey! Let's get this mani started! I started off with one coat of Essence's I Gleam in Blue, a soft sky blue polish with shimmer! Application is phenomenal! Look at that near perfect application!  I only cleaned up a few tiny spots on my cuticles! 

Now let's move on to Navi, my first of Lucky 13 Lacquer's Hylian Hero Collection. I tried her just because of this collection and a sale. Now Navi is gorgeous! There are dark blue dot glitters mixed with silver squares. I love squares! This color combo really made me think of that annoying fairy. Application wasn't bad either! I got a TON of squares on every dip into the mini bottle, and no fishing was needed! I then topped off the glitter with 2 coats of Seche Vite for shine and to smooth everything out. I love Navi, the Hylian Hero Collection, and Lucky 13 Lacquer! I give this mani a 10/10 for application and a 9/10 for glitteriness. Truly wonderful! Hey! Listen! Go visit her and get your Zelda on! 

Want the Hylian Hero Collection from Lucky 13 Lacquer? Check out her shop here:


  1. LOL. Oh, Navi... so annoying. Hahaha. Awesome review!

    1. Thanks a bunch! I plan to review Ganon, Link, Zelda, and Prelude of Light soon, so keep an eye out!