Friday, July 26, 2013

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side...

Evening all! I know I promised full out holo polish awesomeness, so let's start with another lovely polish from Samantha from the Polished Mafia! See a swatch of Big Earner HERE.

Here we have 2 coats of The Grass is Always Greener with Seche Vite top coat. The linear holo is a bit more subdued than Big Earner, but it's still gorgeous! This is a light springy green with holo sparkle to boot! You get more linear holo in sunlight or flash.

There's the holo! Only issue I had was the thickness of the polish. A few bubbles on 2 nails on my  other hand, but I feel that was more user error if it only occurred on 2 nails. And it is thick, so just be sure to give it time to dry to prevent balding and dragging!

Then we have 2 coats of the newly reformulated HITS Dionisio. They are now 3-free and do not smell awful! See my post on the original from my early blogging days HERE

Ahhhhhh. Supreme holo goodness. The grape purple plus the rainbow holo is a must! I gave my old one away but am so glad to have this back in my life! It's as holoy as an Ozotic in the sun! So that is that. The holo isn't dulled with top coat, and it's lasted 4 days so far! Woo! What holos do you like?

Get the Polished Mafia here:

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