Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Glittery Candy Shop

Evening glittery polish and candy lovers! Well time got away from me, and I could not swatch more of Lucky 13 Lacquer's Hylian Hero collection. HOWEVER, I dipped into my untrieds to find something that gave me a hankering for bubblegum, sugar, and candy of any kind! I happily bring you my first non-magnetic Claire's Polish in Candy Shop!

This is definitely a glittery candy bomb! Now here's the deal. I got this and a mood changing polish because they were BOGO (which never seems to end). I'd been looking for a much more glittery polish, but I picked this instead. I'm glad I did! The base is a sheer creme/jelly, or a crelly, as some call it! At first I was like..Laffy Taffy? Then no. Bubblegum pink! The glitters make it even more amazing! There are hexes and dots of every color with tons of sparkle, kinda like the variety in a candy shop. With just 2 coats, I got my idea of good coverage and even a first. A jelly sandwich! Though I didn't need separate jelly and glitter polishes to make this happen! Simply gorgeous! And with Seche Vite, I had beautiful shine. Let's see what the preschoolers think of this at work tomorrow! I give this a 9/10 for application (glitter went on very well, no clumps) and a 10/10 for glitteriness! That's right! Get your hands on this glittery Candy Shop bottle of awesome!

*Blurred to show the glitteriness!*

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