Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Another award! Woah! I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by No Naked Nails yesterday! Woo!  I'm so honored and excited :)

So apparently I must do 7 random facts about myself. Shall we?
1. One of my greatest dreams is to spend a night in Cinderella's Castle in Disney World.

2. I LOVE watermelon licorice. It's delicious, I promise ;)

3. I have threatened my friend/soon to be roommate that I shall paint her nails in her sleep. Challenge accepted!

4. I want to adopt a baby girl from China one day. They don't have a lot of opportunity over there, so to help one of them out would make me very happy.

5. I have been told my nickname should be Aretha Franklin, for apparently I have a voice as powerful an awesome as hers. Guess being in Gospel Choir is a good thing!

6. I work at my church's daycare over the summer with babies. BEST JOB EVER

7. I've been addicted to glitter forever now. Perhaps I need some help? Ha!

So that's it! Enjoy the random facts! Now I'll let some other lovely ladies have this award, and you should definitely check them out!


  1. I love your post! Checked out your nominees too. They have another follower now. Thats what I like about these awards, you see pages you wouldn't normally see.

    1. Thank you very much! I'm very good friends with Heather at I Feel Polished and getting to be good friends with Christina at Adventures in Polishland. They deserve their awards, and it's great to check everyone out!

  2. Thank you! I'm working on it as we speak hehe ^_^