Sunday, August 19, 2012

Giving Lynn Another Chance

Good afternoon glittery polish lovers! So recently a friend was selling a Lynnderella in Mercury's Rainbow for cheap. It looked gorgeous, so I figured, I'll give Lynn another chance. Thank God I did! I am in love with this polish and this mani! A glittery night sky, right on my finger tips!

So to start this glittery night sky goodness off, I used one coat of Zoya Song, which is a deep shimmery blue from the Fall 2012 collections. I will admit that cleanup on this was terrible since I keep forgetting to go out and buy a new makeup brush to use for cleanup, but it still looked gorgeous!  Seems to have light blue glass flecks no? One coat of Seche Vite on top for a fast dry and beautiful shine.

Finally it was time for the Lynn. I was a bit nervous. When I took the brush out of the bottle, the formula was not as thick as Cauldron Drippings, so I had high hopes. The base was a shimmery charcoal grey with silver micro shimmer. The hexes were perfectly dispersed with silver and rainbow glitteriness. I let a drop or 2 drip off into the bottle, and then I applied it. I couldn't believe it. It went on so nice and smooth! Perfect coverage in one coat! One coat! And with the nice way it applied, I could happily wear this alone with 2-3 coats if I wished. The shimmer and rainbow iridescence was unbelievable! With 2 coats of Seche Vite on top, this really looked like a shimmery night sky to me. My camera just doesn't do it justice. Cauldron Drippings was a fluke. I will happily keep this Lynn forever. I may even save up for a while to buy another! 9/10 for application and 10/10 for glitter. Bravo Lynn. 

In shade to really show the night sky and rainbow effect


  1. Putting aside any "drama" surrounding Lynnderella, the polishes speak for them self. This is gorgeous! Happy to see you like this polish!

    1. True that. While I may not go to extreme lengths or insane prices to get her stuff, if I can get it fairly I will. Though I'd never buy directly from her. That's nuts!