Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Glittery Frankening

Good evening glittery polish lovers! So I happened to get some glitter samples from Monster Mixers and Elixirs or as we know her, Be Someone Cute, to use for frankening. Now while frankening is the art of mixing polishes, glitters, pigments, etc. to make a unique polish yourself, I just used glitter and a clear top coat polish. After all, who couldn't use another glitter top coat? Here is what you'll need:

>1/8 of a teaspoon of non soluble glitter mix
>a measuring spoon
>clear top coat
>a paper funnel

So I went and got some Wet N' Wild Shine clear top coats to use as a base, for I have heard they are pretty darn good for frankening. I then got my glitter in the mail (Nova and Glow in the Dark) and set to work! First you have to measure out 1/8 of a teaspoon of glitter. The bags have about this much, but I measured it so as not to overdo it.

Then you roll a funnel out of any paper you have and pour the glitter through the funnel into the polish. I used Nova, an ultrafine opaque hologram glitter mix, for one bottle, and then I used Glow in the Dark, a pearlescent ultrafine glitter mix, for the other bottle.

This is Nova. What beautiful holoness and sparkle!

Glow in the Dark looks like snow in the bottle and glows green in the dark on your nails!

So that was my first glittery yet lazy attempt at frankening. I loved that Be Someone Cute gave out samples, and now samples are just $1. Check her store out and get frankening! 



  1. Oh interesting!! Never knew how much glitter was needed in a bottle of clear polish! Nice ^_^

  2. COOOOOOLLL! What are all those bottles in the background of the first picture?

    1. From left to right: Lucky 13 Lacquer in Link, Zelda,Prelude of Light, and Ganon then 365 Days of Color in Waking up in Vegas. They're all mini indie brands.