Friday, August 3, 2012

Zoya's Seeing Stars!

Good morning glittery polish lovers! Last night I didn't have time to post, due to the Pretty & Polished restock and the Olympics, but here it is finally! I used a Zoya I've been staring at for a month and finally tried my hand at stamping again. The results this time around were much much better! So here is Zoya Indigo topped with the Salon Express star stamp design in Avon Starry Sky!

On to the easy how to! So I loved Zoya Indigo from the moment I saw all it. I'd been wanting Ibiza, but Indigo looked like the starry night sky in a bottle. So I bought it discounted at Beauty Plus Salon and finally used it! This is one coat and Seche Vite on top. In natural light without flash it looks almost black, dark navy. Look at it with flash! Sparkles and dark blue! Gorgeous! 

Then I moved onto the stamping. Now I'd had a bad experience with it not working for me before (I thought Salon Express was horrible), but I used a thicker polish this time, and I let my nails have about 30 min to dry/set before stamping as I watched some gymnastics. Once I'd gotten Starry Sky on the stamper, I rolled my nail onto the design, instead of rolling the design onto my nail. This was much easier and allowed me to really see where the design was going. The design was too short to cover my whole thumb, so I did 2 stamps on it. With another coat of Seche Vite, I was done! So for this overall mani, I give it a 8/10 for glitter and a 6/10 for application. Stamping is time consuming! If anyone is looking for good stamping polishes, Avon's new Sequin finish polishes are the way to go! Enjoy!

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